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UC Riverside offers a variety of poverty-related courses, spanning multiple disciplines, across campus. Students interested in learning more about the broad themes of poverty and inequality are encouraged to consider the courses* listed below.


- ANTH 160: Political Economy of Health

- ANTH 166: Cultural Perspectives of Cancer/Risk

- ANTH 131: Applied Anthropology








- ECON 115: Marxian Political Economy

- ECON 116: Foundations of Political Economy

- ECON 122E: Economic Aspects of Contemporary Mexican Immigration to the United States

- ECON 152: Economics of Labor Relations

- ECON 173: Global Poverty

- ECON 185: Economic Development in Latin America

- ECON 189: Economic Development in Brazil


- HISA 166: Modern Brazil, Society & State

- HISA 136: Historical Perspectives on Mass Incarceration

- HNPG 15: Hunger & Famine in the Modern World







Political Science

- POSC 138S: Labor & Globalization

- POSC 160S: Globalization & Development

Public Policy

- PPBL 234: Poverty in a Global Perspective


- SOC 002-I: Inequality in American Society

- SOC 112: Sociology of the Labor Movement

- SOC 133: Inequality and Social Class

- SOC 182: Urban Problems

*Some courses may require the consent of the instructor or completion of prerequisites